Cover. Cap. Repeat.

From synthetic roofing underlayment to cap staplers, cap nailers, and hammertackers, STINGER® innovations provide a complete system to protect your home from moisture.

Synthetic Roofing Underlayments

Our ICC-approved synthetic underlayments are made of a 100% polypropylene woven fabric that offers high tear strength. They are UV resistant for up to six months, have a proprietary non-skid additive for better slip resistance, and feature a pre-printed nailing pattern and overlap lines for quick and easy installation.

Cap Fastening Technology

Our cap tool and fastener technologies work together to form an effective seal that helps prevent moisture from entering the roof cavity while offering superior attachment of roofing and sidewall fabrics.

Roofing Nails

Whether you prefer pneumatic or hand-drive fasteners, STINGER's line of roofing nails has what you need to secure your shingles.