Learning & Development Specialist

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Imagine when

You have the opportunity to be a team member on our growth-minded, industry leading, innovative, brand-driven, global employee-owned company. You are an integral part of one of our key initiatives, helping to build our learning and development programs. You are challenged to grow while challenging others, find great enjoyment in what you do, and are a significant part of something much bigger than you. You leave an indelible legacy mark on our company through the people your life impacts. And all the while, and most importantly, you find yourself growing as a person.

About us

We are an employee-owned company and have been a proud part of the American building materials industry for nearly 60 years. We have a storied history of innovation, which many say is in our DNA. We agree. From product to brand, to sourcing to customer-centric solutions, we constantly ask the “what, why and how” questions that many are afraid to ask.

Our core brands of Camo, Pro-Fit and Stinger are the “asked for brands” in their respective segments. Found at some of the finest names in the LBM, Roofing, Home Center, Distribution and STAFDA channels of the building industry and more recently, through our E-Commerce presence. Our Brand users are the hardworking folks who build things with their hands, and just like us, they are business owners. They build our homes, our decks, install our roofs and they depend on our brands to support them in delivering a job well done.

Our company’s reason for existing

Whether supporting our customers, suppliers, employee-owners and their families or the communities in which we live and work, our purpose is simple; inspire whoever we engage with to help them become better. Better people, families, businesses, and ultimately leave better the communities in which we live in. We get this is a moonshot reason for existing. Yet it is one we are committed to.

Our culture is characterized as

  • Servant focused.
  • Founded on Four Cornerstones, 8 character traits and a simple operating philosophy of Serve • Better • Value • Fun.
  • High standard, embraced by a dedicated team of employee-owners who enjoy the fruits of hard work while having a “bit of fun” along the way.
  • Growth-minded, driving the intentional investments in developing our people, our customers and our communities.
  • Innovative.

Your assignment

Will find you enhancing the learning culture of the organization as well as competencies of individual employee owners. Since constant learning elevates an individual as an employee and as a person, it opens opportunities for the company to transform continuously for the better. Designing and conducting training programs will boost employee’s workplace performance in alliance with our company’s core values. You will be responsible for performing training needs assessments, designing and delivering curriculum and learning materials, and for managing all phases of training interventions. Our learning culture, performance, and competencies will be boosted in alliance with National Nail’s core values through your contributions in this role.

To be successful in this role, you must:

  • Aspire to our 8 character traits.
  • Develop, maintain, update, and conduct key training programs via various media: in-person; web or video conference technology; self-training materials, in order to adapt to changes that occur.
  • Develop and maintain training materials and improve existing materials.
  • Ensure that training supports overall business strategy.
  • Evaluate training materials prepared by instructors, such as outlines, text, and handouts.
  • Identify and assess training needs of staff by conferring with managers and supervisors or conducting needs assessments.
  • Coordinate, schedule and conduct business and training for new hires and current employees.
  • Organize and develop, or obtain, training procedure manuals and guides and course materials such as handouts and visual materials.
  • Conduct cost-benefit analysis and calculate training ROI.
  • Track status of staff training needs: classes completed and classes to be scheduled.
  • Have sound decision making and organizational skills.
  • Periodically, evaluate training effectiveness.
  • Act as a support fielding questions and issues from employee owners related to the business and/or systems.
  • Handle related tasks as assigned.

You must love people and be able to develop them while being an outstanding teammate and elevating those around you

You must not just like people. You must love people. Love teaching, mentoring and challenging them. And then celebrating in their growth as they take what they have learned from you . . . and build upon it.

We believe the best “building” moments at work are the moments when we build things together with our teammates. Are you a good teammate? Do you get that you will be part of a company story and vision that is much bigger than you? Are you a great encourager? Are you teachable? Coachable? Correctable?

We demand great teammates. Are you one? You must be humble, competitive, and phenomenal at listening, great question asking and highly emotionally intelligent leader.

Minimum requirements

  • 3-5 years of experience in the field or in a related area.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Education, Training, HR or related field required
  • Knowledge and experience with instructional design theory and learning principles.
  • Experience with ADDIE, SAM, Articulate 360, Docutools, Learning Management Systems, and MS Office suite.
  • Strong public speaking, facilitation, and writing skills.
  • Value both the opportunity to do well professionally and grow personally.
  • Be a great teammate.

So, if this is an assignment, culture and an industry you desire to explore further, contact us. Your new adventure awaits.


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