Roofing Channel Sales Specialist

Location: Atlanta, GA

Imagine when

You are a key member of our brand-focused sales team, driving market recognition and sales volume for our innovative products and the full STINGER product line. Working with key contractors and end-users in the field, you will build awareness of our progressive labor savings for roof and sidewall applications.

You are a vital member of our growth-minded, industry leading, innovative, brand-driven, global employee-owned company. You are challenged to grow, expected to challenge others, and are part of something much bigger than yourself. You leave an indelible legacy mark on our company and our industry through the people your life impacted. And all the while, and most importantly, growing as a person.

Your assignment

As a key member of the STINGER Brand Sales Team, you are expected to drive the development and execution of the strategic and tactical initiatives necessary for growing the STINGER Brand share in your assigned market area. And in the process, you will be building a legion of STINGER Brand enthusiasts!

Your time will be spent with installers teaching, coaching and facilitating their movement away from their current methods of attaching roofing and siding underlayments to the better way . . . the STINGER way. And they will thank you for improving their jobsite experience. You will be aligned with the leading roofing wholesalers like SRS, ABC, Beacon, Gulf Eagle, and others.

Essential duties:

  • Launching new brands, products and thoughts, directly to our brand users, inspiring them to be users of our products.
  • Calling on contractors/users, lumberyards, owners/sales team, and distribution sales personnel.
  • Supporting product development teams with market perspective.
  • Leading through influence and building relationships with key decision makers.
  • Demonstrate the company’s culture.
  • Deliver on promises to your customers.
  • Demonstrate a passion for our brands – it will be impossible to achieve this assignment without “getting” the endearing value of our brands.

Required skills:

  • Evidence of continuing leadership, self-development.
  • Understanding of the construction cycle and how to create demand for dealers and distributors.
  • A love of challenges and the ability to thrive on them.
  • Strong business acumen and negotiating skills.
  • Ability to solve complex problems.
  • Proven track record of converting customers from competitor brands.
  • Strong relationship building skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong understanding of the business, products, systems, and people.

Success criteria:

  • Overall sales growth in your territory.
  • Sales growth from existing customers AND new customers.
  • Strong performing market within National Nail culture expectations.


  • 5 years of field sales & construction experience preferred.
  • Roofing/siding industry experience preferred.
  • Be an outstanding person and teammate, elevating those around you.
  • Align with our purpose, 8 character traits, and cornerstones.
  • Ability to be on the road every day, with occasional overnights.
  • Marketing, similar undergrad degree, or deep industry success evident.
  • Bilingual Spanish required.

The STINGER brand

It goes back to the 1970s, when National Nail fashioned the first plastic cap out of an old milk jug. What can we say—we drink from the innovation jug!

STINGER—a brand entirely devoted to all things for the building envelope— was officially launched in 2007 with the introduction of the first line-up of non-pneumatic cap hammers and collated caps. Since then, the STINGER family has grown to include pneumatic cap staplers, pneumatic cap nailers, synthetic underlayment, metal roofing accessories, and more. As the industry changes with building codes and product advancements, STINGER continues to evolve to provide contractors worldwide with innovative products that are fast, easy, safe and affordable for each of their roofing and siding needs.

And our vision? To be the expected Brand found in the hands of any sidewall or roof installer building or repairing homes like ours.

About us

We are an employee-owned company and a proud part of the American building materials industry for nearly 60 years. We have a storied history of innovation, which many say is in our DNA. We agree. From product to brand, to sourcing to customer-centric solutions, we constantly ask the “what, why and how” questions that many are afraid to ask.

Our core brands of CAMO, PRO-FIT, and STINGER are the “asked for brands” in their respective segments, and can be found at the finest names in the LBM, Roofing, Home Center, Distribution and STAFDA channels of the building industry and more recently, through our E-Commerce presence.

Our brand users are the hardworking folks who build things with their hands, and just like us, are business owners. They build our homes, our decks, install our roofs, and depend on our brands to support them in delivering a job well done.

Our company's reason for existing

Whether supporting our customers, suppliers, employee-owners and their families or the communities in which we live and work, our purpose is simple; inspire whoever we engage with to help them become better. Better people, families, businesses, and ultimately leave better the communities in which we live in. We get this is a moonshot reason for existing. Yet it is one we are committed to.

Our culture is characterized as

  • Servant focused.
  • Founded on Four Cornerstones, 8 character traits, and a simple operating philosophy of Serve • Better • Value • Fun.
  • High standard, embraced by a dedicated team of employee-owners who enjoy the fruits of hard work while having a “bit of fun” along the way.
  • Growth-minded, driving the intentional investments in developing our people, our customers, and our communities.
  • Innovative.

So, if this is an assignment, culture, brands, and industry you desire to explore further, contact us. Your new adventure awaits.


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